Saturday, April 24, 2010

Naples 16th Annual Maggio dei Monumenti - May of the Monuments

Its that time of year again when Naples takes time out to celebrate its rich cultural heritage. Every year for five weekends during the month of May, Naples plans a variety of events, tours, exhibits and more that celebrate a specific cultural, historic or artistic period from Naples history. This years theme is "Ritorno al Baroco e...non solo" meaning roughly "Return of the Baroque and... not only," a celebraion of the Spanish/Baroque era in Naples, its historic and artistic contributions to the City, and the the meeting of the Spanish and Neapolitan cultures. An era that brought us Caravaggio, the Royal Palace, the Palace at Capodimonte, a wealth of churches, palaces, cloisters, fountains, streets and neighborhoods such as Via Toledo and the Spanish Quarter, and much more.

Running from April 30th until May 30th, it is a uique opportunity to discover the many treasures of Naples, some which are inaccessible during the year, to visit the museums (often at a special price or for free), and explore the city through guided tours led by experts in Neapolitan history.

A variety of art, music and entertainment programs have been planned, and each week will be devoted to a different theme:
  • The 1st weekend celebrates music, the Baroque music that made Naples the capital of European Music
  • The 2nd weekend is devoted to the theater, which rooted in the Spanish language, will explore the common ground between Naples and Spain
  • The 3rd weekend is dedicated to dance as many places in Naples' Historic Center will come to life with dance of all types, from the tango to the tammurriata – a traditional dance of Campania
  • The 4th weekend takes us to the cinema and a celebration of the affinity between Naples and Almodovar, Luis Buñuel and many other great masters
  • The final weekend will celebrate the written word and represents the meeting of two cultures through parallel stories that a Neapolitan and Spanish writer would tell  
More information coming soon - check back often to get the latest updates!!!

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